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How To Fix AOL Error 554?

AOL error 554 occurs when you try to send an AOL mail to someone and AOL rejects the connection from your mail server as AOL thinks the content you are sending is a spam to it.

This error message might indicate that the sender’s IP address has been permanently blocked due to poor IP reputation. You can apply for a complaint feedback loop in such a case.

How To Fix AOL Error 554-Step-1


The email sent to an AOL user is denied and a bounce back message is displayed on the sender’s screen with any of the following varied codes depending on the reason associated:

554 RTR:BB

554 RTR:CH

554 RTR:RD

554 RTR:SC

554 RTR:DU

554 RTR:GE

554 RTR:BL

554 HVU:B1

554 HVU:B2

554 RLY:B1

554 RLY:B2

554 RLY:BL

554 RLY:BD

554 RLY:CH

554 RLY:IR

554 RLY:SN, etc.

How To Fix AOL Error 554-Step-2



This error might have occurred due to any one or more of the following reasons:

  1. AOL maintains a list of dynamic and residential IP addresses with the help of many ISPs. As per their guidelines, AOL does not accept mails from these addresses.
  2. With the computer or network is recognized for spamming.
  3. If an IP address has generated complaints from AOL users.
  4. Sender’s IP address has gone through successive dynamic blocks.
  5. There might be a technical issue on client side (AOL).
  6. Permanent block has been put due to poor IP reputation.



You can consider AOL error 554 as a serious issue as AOL has put a permanent block on your IP address. You can follow the following steps to fix this issue.

Step 1: The best practice would be to locate the account that might be sending spam emails from the IP address of your mail server and close them.

Step 2: Review AOL Postmaster pages and try to follow the best practices that are recommended by AOL. You should clean up your mailing list at first.

Step 3: You can also sign up for AOL’s feedback loop, according to which you would be notified whenever there is any complaint from AOL user so that you can understand what type of users find your emails inappropriate.

Step 4: Install the outbound spam filtering, track your users’ behavior, and shut down abusive accounts in your own network.

Step 5: You should perform a complete system scan on your device to find out the compromises and fixing the issue.

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  • rahul singh

    AOL started bouncing emails from my mail server with the following error:

    554 5.5.0 Remote protocol error

  • Gaurav Singh

    Since my last mailing all messages sent to AOL users are bounced back with the following error code:
    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
    host []: 521 5.2.1 :

  • Phillips

    Hi All, I am having problems sending emails to aol accounts and was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem, and what the fix for it.

  • Roman Miller

    Any other Repair tool for This problem?

  • Benett Mallinson

    How to get unblocked by AOL ?