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How to change email address in AOL

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The username or email address you select when you initially create your AOL account is your primary master username and cannot be changed or deleted. However, if you no longer want to use one of the additional usernames connected to your primary account, you may delete it at any time and select a new one. This enables you to change the username you use for AOL services. In addition, you can change the display name for any account, which is the name people see when you send them an email.

How to do so:

The following are the steps to change the email address in AOL:

Step 1: The first step to change the email address in AOL is to Log in into your E-mail.

How to change email address in AOL-step-1

Step 2: After login to your E-mail account from your inbox, click on the tiny link in the upper right marked as Settings.

Step 3: Select “Options” and then click “Mail Settings.”

Step 4: After clicking on the “Settings “Click on the “Compose “Option on the far left.

How to change email address in AOL-step-3

Step 5: After clicking on the Compose option click on Your Name. It gives you a space to type the name you want to use and immediately below is “Other people will see this name when they read your messages.” 

How to change email address in AOL-step-4

Step 6: Click “Save Settings.”

Watch this video to change Display User Name instead of Email Address on AOL

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