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How do I Change my “From” Display Name in AOL

This post will help you to update the “From” name that appears when you send messages with AOL Mail from a web browser, whether you want to change the first name to married name, display another version of your first and last name when you send emails your friends, or want to show a nickname instead. Follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your AOL email account.

How do I change my "From" Display Name -step-1

2. Dropdown in the top right corner tab on “Options”.

How do I change my Display Name-step-2

3. Select the “Mail Settings” option.

How do I change my Display Name-step-3

4. Select on “Compose” option on the left of the next page.

How do I change my Display Name-step-4

5. Enter your first and last name in the “Display Name” text box.

6. Select on Save Settings at the bottom. And you’ve done here.

How do I change my Display Name-step-6


Watch this video for Changing “From” Display Name in AOL Mail

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