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How do I cancel my AOL computer check-up service

If you want to cancel your AOL computer check –up service you can cancel online by going to my account You may not be able to manage your AOL Premium subscription account online if you are using Mac 10.3 with Safari 1.3 or 2.0.

The following are the Steps for canceling AOL Computer Checkup online:

Step 1:

The first step is to visit my account and sign on with your AOL Username or Email address and Password.

How do I cancel my AOL computer check-up service-step-1

Step 2:

After signing on with your AOL Username and Password scroll down to the Price Plan section, and then click the Manage My Premium Services link.

Step 3:

After clicking the Manage my Premium Services link Under Select a Premium Service, click the Premium Service drop-down menu, and then select AOL Computer Checkup.

How do I cancel my AOL computer check-up service-step-3

Step 4:

After selecting the AOL computer to check up click Cancel My Premium Service.

How do I cancel my AOL computer check-up service-step-4

Step 5:

After clicking Cancel My Premium Service Click Cancel My Premium Service again.

How do I cancel my AOL computer check-up service-step-5

Step 6: 

Finally, you will receive a confirmation that the service has been canceled.



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