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How To Block Email Addresses in AOL

The following are the steps for blocking an email address in AOL:

Step 1: The first step to block an email address is to Log-in to your AOL box.

How to block email address in AOL

Step 2: After Log-in to your AOL box click the Options button situated under your user name.

How to Block Email Address in AOL -step-2

Step 3: After clicking the Options button click “Mail Settings”.

How to Block Email Address in AOL -step-3

Step 4: After clicking “Mail Settings” click on Spam Setting then in the sender Filter option click on the drop down menu and then Select Block mail from addresses I specify.

How to Block Email Address in AOL-step-4

Step 5: After clicking the Spam settings type the Email Address for which you want to block and then click on + Button to address Email address in the Filter List.

How to Block Email Address in AOL-step-5

Step 6: Now the Email address has been added to the Filter List and then click on save the setting.

Watch this Video to block Spam (unwanted emails)

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